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Sonia Tanwar

Mental health Advocate: OCD

Sonia is a 25 yr old young person working in a Software firm as a Project engineer in Jaipur. She came into the field of mental health because of her own experiences with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD). She says, "I want to make people aware about mental health so that they can give the same importance to 'Mental Health' like they do for 'Physical Health'."

She is interested in all the aspects which can reduce the stigma around mental illness. So that the one who is fighting alone can come up with their story and can take proper treatment/consultation without facing any stigma around mental health. She believes that we all can do it together and that is the reason she's part of the community at PHK."

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Debdutta Paul

Mental Health Advocate: Depression

An eternal student of science. Writes for the world, writes for himself. Mental health patient of Depression and an advocate of a world without mental illness. Finds solace in mountains and jungles. Jack of some trades: poet, song-writer, mediocre photographer. Dreams of writing life-changing novels. Opinionated, but opinions change as he evolves. Bogged by nightmares — still dares to dream of better times. Living in Climate Emergency, just like everybody else.

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Mahvash Ahmed

Mental Health advocate: Anxiety

Anxious student of Psychology and a Mental Health Literate. Usually found binge-reading on Khaleed Hosseini's novels and petting cats. Trying to do my bit to help people start off their journey of self-acceptance by talking about my own journey through Anxiety and Panic attack.

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Neelabh Bisen

Mental Health Advocate: Substance Abuse Disorder

I am 47yr old and still going strong. I am also someone who recovered from substance use disorder by overcoming my addictions. I went through various upheavals, break downs, depression, loss etc. I had the realisation that no-one understands recovery better than a person who recovered from addiction. I joined forces with the people in De Addiction field, managed media related works in the beginning then completed a certificate course in addiction psychology. In 2018, I along with my peers started our own Reawakening Wellness Foundation with the idea of providing world class treatment facilities to people suffering from this disorder. We started as a self help group, pooled in our resources and based upon our experience as someone who recovered from addiction , we can proudly say that we are on the right path. We provide treatment, correction and rehabilitation for people suffering from substance abuse/alcoholism/mental health issues. 

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Nikhil Jagwani

Mental Health Advocate: Depression, Anxiety, LGBTQIA

Nikhil is a 21 year old MBA student from the queer fraternity with lived experiences of depression and anxiety. He officially came out to the world around 1.5 years back. Nikhil says, "Living 20 years in closet made me realize how important one's identity is and it's really worth fighting for. When you are born queer, depression and anxiety comes with it like a whole package. One moment, you're fighting with yourself and next, you're fighting with the world. And that time, you really need someone who can make you feel that it's gonna be alright. That's why I wanna work as a mental health advocate for PHK because I want to be the person I needed that time. If i can help even one person with my experience, I'd be honoured"

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Priyanka Shukla

Mental Health Advocate:  Anxiety, Depression & Abusive relationship

An anxious advocate who has anxiety everytime before she steps into the courtrooms. Trauma survivor of emotionally abusive relationship, fighting her way in this not so peaceful world. Trying to do her bit by making people like me aware of mental health and Hoping they don't suffer like me and get the required help on time or could help their loved ones to cope up with.

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