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Neha Khandelwal

Founder & Service Designer

Neha is a Design researcher and Product designer and has been working in the development sector on various themes ranging from women empowerment through alternate livelihoods to use of chatbot for behaviour change. She is very adept at making issues and concerns visible by developing a visual language around it and uses technology for brining a systematic change. Pagal Hai Kya(PHK) is an effort towards understanding what it takes to Smash the Stigma around Mental Health in India and develop a space that allows people to have conversations, discover knowledge that is within the community and find support on their individual mental health journeys from the community.

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Malvya Chintakindi

Co-Founder & Researcher

Malvya is an international development practitioner with a background in Monitoring-Evaluation-Learning, participatory research, advocacy and programme development. Currently, she is working towards her PhD in Anthropology from the University of Oregon with a research focus on gender inequality, gender based violence, notions of development and community based interventions. Malvya is passionate about facilitating dialogues around mental health and has found that serendipitous opportunity through co-founding Pagal Hai Kya. As an aware individual with high anxiety, she finds efficacy of her intervention design and evidence generation skills to shape conversations around mental health among youth in India.

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Juhi Deshpande

Core Team member: MHA lead

An insatiable appetite for music and crime/courtroom dramas, the words that describe me the best are expressive artist, gritty bipolar disorder survivor, lifelong learner and kickass masala-chai maker!

Work-wise, I am a certified Life Skills trainer with both: an M.S in Psychology. I also facilitate meditation sessions and run a startup called Essence of Living. I have worked in the areas of suicide prevention, self-help and personal development, teaching, mental health as well as content creation, organisational learning and development. 

Being strong-willed and contemplative, I believe in being my own sculptor, competition, critic, and ally. I deeply aspire to leave this world better than the state which I found it in.... hence mental health, hence ‘pagal hai kya?’ 

When I’m not juggling between work, learning and play, I can be found tucked in and sleeping away to glory!

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Anushka Kumar

Social media & Graphic design

Anushka is an 18 year old Psychology and Mental Health enthusiast who's currently pursuing Psychology Honours from Lady Shri Ram College. Presently working on a website for authentic Mental Health resources and reading Social Psychology. Besides that, she enjoys playing the guitar, learning origin and etymology of words, and reading and watching psychological thrillers. She is more of an introvert than an extrovert and she channels that, in her passion for psychology and building a language around it.

    Palashi Singhal

    Social media & Engagement

    Palashi is an engineer by degree, passionate and interested in psychology. She's looking to explore as much as she can to help remove the stigma associated with it and help the world be a better, kinder place. You will find her the happiest while listening to old Bollywood songs and most peaceful when her hands are tainted with paints. She is very excited to be a part of this community and contribute in every way she can and learn as much as possible.

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    Mahvash Ahmed

    MHA Storyteller

    Student of Psychology and a Mental Health Literate. Usually found binge-reading on Khaleed Hosseini's novels and petting cats. Trying to do her bit to help people start off their journey of self-acceptance by talking about her own journey through Anxiety and Panic attack.

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    Joyana Anto 

    Social media & Engagement

    Joyana is a Counselling psychologist and a graduate from Indian Institute of Psychology and Research, Bangalore specializing in psychological counselling. She has conducted extensive workshops and psychoeducation on the various developmental disorders pertaining to early childhood and planning interventions. She has done a dissertation on the topic “The Influence of perceived parental authority of mothers on the level of emotional intelligence among secondary school children”.

    She enjoys her free time with voluntary services in various sectors of the community, geriatric care, animal welfare, travel and photography.

    Joyana wishes to alleviate sufferings caused by mental illness by providing clinical access to psychedelic assisted psychotherapy in the near future by promoting assistance and understanding to stigma that are socially attached to it.

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