Why PagalHaiKya?

PagalHaiKya is a collective that believes building an inclusive and accessible community for mental health dialogues is key to shifting the narrative of fear that has dominated Mental health in India. PHK community aims to do two things: 


with conversations

The conversations around Mental health are bogged down with fear. One of the major reason why 86% of Indians don't seek support for their mental health issues. There is a lack of casual spaces where people can discover and develop a language for their own Mental health. The community has both Mental Health advocates & Mental Health professionals who bring a holistic perspective to Mental health conversations.


Mental health is a journey and you require various types of support on this journey. The reason why people very often give up on this journey is a lack of support and guidance on a path which is definitely there but is filled with potholes. Understanding the role of therapy, self and support is key towards recovery. As is easy accessibility to such a space.


Our story

Hi, I am Neha and this is a photo of me with my ma & my sister.  Schizophrenia runs in my family. My ma had it, her brother had it and my nani had it. We went to the doctor, that was the psychiatrist, who made us kids sit outside the room. Therapy wasn't a thing at that time. 


 As a kid when the internet was new, I looked on the internet for spaces I could understand more about schizophrenia and get the right help. We didn't find any and we lived our lives without having anyone to talk about it with, until Ma passed away. 

 I found out that my and my family's experiences were still as relevant after working in the disability sector. My friends who shared their lived experiences with me echoed this and here we are with the collective. It's 2021 and there are still no accessible spaces where people & their loved ones could figure out the mental health journeys so here we are with Pagal Hai Kya (PHK).

If you lead, the good people will follow. Star wars

We are always looking for good people. Join Us.